Koushun Arimasa
(こう)(しゅん) ありまさ
Nickname Kamechi (かめち)
Born August 9, 1997 (age 22)
Height 168 cm
Years active 2016-2017
(1 year, 3 months and 21 days)
Agency Tasaina Project
Label Tasaina Project
Group t-smile / MRK43 (Team M)
Generation 1st Generation
Image color       Orange

Koushun Arimasa was a member of MRK43's Team M.


Minna, watashi no sekai e yokoso!!!
(Everyone, welcome to my world!!!)

t-smile Senbatsu Elections

t-smile Janken Tournaments


  • Motto: Do the best while you can stand on your own.
  • Hobbies: Playing Badminton
  • Specialty: Singing
  • Favorite animal: Tortoise
  • Favorite artist: Ikimono Gakari, Porno Graffiti, SCANDAL, Mizuki Nana
  • Favorite movie: Matilda, Thread of Lies
  • Favorite book: Sherlock Holmes
  • Favorite season: All seasons
  • Favorite place in the house: My room
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Disliked food: None
  • Superstitious practices: None
  • Future ambition: To be a YouTube singer and voice actress


Team MGraduation
Joined t-smile's Team Renge on February 21, 2017
Held a concurrent position in MRK43's Team M from November 4, 2016 to June 11, 2017
Graduated from t-smile and MRK43 during t-smile's disbandment on June 11, 2017


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