Hori Misha

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Hori Misha

Nickname Mishi (ミシ  Mishi?)
Birthdate July 4, 1995 (age 27)
Agency Tasaina Project
Professional Information
Years Active 2015 - present
(6 years, 9 months and 28 days)
Generation t-smile 4th Generation
Group NGY48
Team Sapphire NGY48

Hori Misha is a member of Ruby NGY48.

t-smile Senbatsu Elections

t-smile Janken Tournaments


  • Member Colors:
      White (NGY48)
      Yellow Green (e-hana / Fujirano12)
      Yellow (Meirouna)


Team RengeTeam Renge & e-hanaTeam Renge & e-hana & Meirounae-hanaFujirano12NGY48 KenkyuuseiRuby NGY48
Joined t-smile as a member of Team Renge on September 6, 2015
Held a concurrent position in e-hana from September 16, 2016 to June 11, 2017
Held a concurrent position in Meirouna from April 17, 2017 to June 11, 2017
Transferred to Fujirano12 upon t-smile's disbandment on June 11, 2017 (Disbanded in July 2017)
Joined NGY48 as a Kenkyuusei bound to Sapphire NGY48 on January 5, 2018
Promoted to Ruby NGY48 on May 17, 2018 (NGY48 Surprise Team Shuffle 2018)

Singles Participation

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